Creating A Lasting Impression For Your Business Why T-Shirts Remain A Solid Marketing Campaign

When you advertise your business you want to do more than just be flashy. You want to be remembered.

When you give customers a reason to look back you’re saving yourself a lot of time and money that can be spent on creating the best business possible. …But how can you actually achieve such a monumental feat in today’s saturated world? When it comes to advertising that’s as classic as it is trendy, look no further than a manual heat press system for t-shirts. Designed for both personal use and larger businesses, creating a nice shirt to promote your brand is a great way to stay in your customer’s mind long after they’ve moved on to somewhere else. Even better? They’re easy to use and create gorgeous results.

A specialty manual heat press system may just be your next great idea. Learn about how they work and why they’re a great way to promote your business below.

The State Of The American Apparel Market

Let’s take a closer look at the American apparel market and how it’s faring as of late. Studies have shown the United States boasts an apparel market worth $315 billion, which is great news for anyone interested in buying a manual heat press system. It’s also expected to grow to an estimated value of $385 billion by the time 2025 rolls around. Think about the last time you threw on a t-shirt to go walk your dog or hit up your favorite club. They’re practically a staple of everyday life!

T-Shirt Popularity Over The Years

T-shirts, despite being commonplace, have never lost their popularity. Whether being worn for high fashion or casual comfort, they’re much beloved by millions of people in the United States and the world over. The global clothing and textile industry is worth a staggering $2 trillion. By the time 2017 came around women’s apparel became the number one top-selling item on the Internet, with variations on the classic t-shirt found in both high-end and everyday clothing outlets. What could manual heat presses do to help you take advantage of this?

Smart Marketing Trends To Take Advantage Of

Marketing takes on many forms. It can be an online advertisement that pops up every time you get a click on your website. It can be a billboard drivers see every time they breeze by. T-shirts are unique in that they keep marketing your brand on a rolling basis. Today consumers spend an annual average of $1,700 on apparel, meaning it’s more than likely you’ll have a few interested people picking up your shirts and even giving them away as gifts. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics estimated nearly 8,000 tailors, dressmakers and custom sewers across the nation.

Basic Design Theory For A Good Shirt

When crafting a t-shirt there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Keep your color scheme on the simple side, with no more than two or three hues, to give it a more striking look. Your logo can be accompanied by a design flourish or an illustration, but make sure to give it one focal point to communicate your brand’s intent. A manual heat press system can create custom heat press transfers of all shapes, sizes and shades that last a long time. When in doubt? Give your customers extra incentive to keep it around by offering tips, such as turning the shirt inside-out before washing.

The Types Of Heat Press Accessories

T-shirts are a fun and creative way to promote your business in a much more meaningful way than traditional newspaper flyers and signs. Yearly revenue for organic cotton-made textiles comes in at an impressive $5 billion, with the benefits of heat transfer technology starting to rise to the top for their convenience and lovely results. There are small manual heat press machines that can be used for limited-edition press runs and larger specialty machines for an ongoing marketing campaign. Heat press replacement parts can be bought if you find yourself in a bind at the last minute.

Want to create a marketing campaign that’ll be remembered? Put it on a shirt and watch the sales fly!

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