Clumsy Criminal Gets Caught Todays Entertainment News

If you’re awkward or uncoordinated It’s true. In this video an individual tries to escape from a police officer. But, they do take a several falls while doing so. It might be better by calling a bail agent.

The manhunt was underway during a manhunt in Sacramento, California. The search started at a regular traffic stop. The suspect was pulled over. suspect drove away in such a hurry that he drove over curbs and flattened an tire. It was an old automobile that was unable to withstand the scorching heat. It eventually broke down therefore the suspect left in a solitary manner. The decision quickly proved to be unwise. He faceplanted on the pavement however he got up and continue running. He ran for a few several yards to evade the police. This would only be temporary.

One lady deputy was observing the police establish an area of protection when she saw the person she wanted to arrest was lying in a fetal position on a porch. They quickly came to him and arrested him. This earned applause from the homeowner who was confused about how to do with a burglar on the porch of her home.


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