Be a Guide Rather than a Salesman, Three Tips for Better SEO

Search engine tip

Did you know that searches are the top driver of web traffic for content sites? There are several ways you can, as a website owner, increase how frequently users come across your website in Google search.

There is always Pay Per Click ads, or PPC. 80 percent of online users, however, rarely or never click on sponsored search results. So how do you get to them? By increasing your organic rank. How do you increase your organic rank? With SEO, or search engine optimization. Here are three search engine tips for marketing and rank climbing.

1. Use the right keywords frequently

It amazes me that there are many website that just guess at what their keywords should be. If you are selling fancy watches online, for example, it might be obvious that Expensive Watch is a keyterm. But without using Google analytics or another website analyzer to see what words are bringing the most people to your site, you might never realize that the majority of people are actually visiting after searching the words New Rollex. Search engine tips include using keywords at a frequency of one to three percent density.

2. Pump up the content

Content is what drives SEO, and content is what will draw users to your site. Create engaging and relevant content in the form of blogs, articles or infographics for your site. Hype them up using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to post links. Should your content tell people why to buy your product? No. The goal is to get people onto your site, and people searching for information do not want a general company promise. You can advertise subtlety, though. Write a post about what qualities people should look for in a great watch, rather than about the quality watches you sell. It becomes a guide, rather than a salesman. Update often. Writing a blog post once a month is not going to cut it.

3. Images help

Visual media, right now, is a leader in social media websites. Once people are on your page, images encourage them to keep reading. For this reason, search engine tips include making sure you have images that are relevant, legal, and described. Relevancy matters. If you write about watches but include a picture of a woman dancing, people will wonder how legitimate you really are. Legality is important, especially now that Google reverse image search makes it even easier for artists to track down their work. Use public use images, or images filed under a Creative Commons license. You can otherwise face fines. Describe your images so that search engines can index them better for searches.

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