Are You Interested in Learning More about Basic Circuitry?

Pcb fabrication and assembly

To say that printed circuit boards (PCB) are essential to out everyday life would be an understatement. In fact, a low volume PCB is probably responsible for providing the energy needed for five to 10 tasks you complete every morning before you ever leave the house. From a cell phone alarm that wakes you in the morning to the circuitry in the door opener that lets you out of the garage, low volume PCBs help fuel the gadgets and gizmos that we use on a daily basis.
PCB fabrication and assembly processes are taught in classrooms and labs across the country as a way to introduce students and scientists alike the basics of low volume PCB assembly, as well as specialty boards like small batch PCBs and turnkey PCBs. The revenue of circuit board and electronic component manufacturing in America reached as high as $44 billion in the year 2014. through advanced technology, a single automatic line in the assembly process can place and solder more components than 50 hand solder operators. In addition, these tasks can be better and have a far more consistent quality.

  • Everyday items contain use circuit boards to function.
  • Video cameras and other kinds of video devices rely on circuit boards.
  • Every time that you use a telephone you are using technology that relies on a circuit board.
  • Radios and other audio equipment in your car.
  • You cannot make it through the day without using a device that includes a circuit board.
  • Telephones have always relied on circuit board technologies.
  • Hand held devices like video games.
  • Individual hotel door rooms that are opened by a card key rely on circuit boards in the door device.
  • Nearly every kind of remote that you use also relies on circuit board technology.
  • Gaming consoles require very complex circuit boards that are specifically designed to respond to all of the specific commands needed in a game.

  • Battery chargers of all sizes and that are used for a variety of purposes also rely on circuit board technology.
  • Useful in even the smallest of devices, circuit boards can be custom made and then mass produced.
  • Television remotes may appear to be only dependent on the batteries that are stored in the back, but in the reality they are equally dependent on circuit board technology.

  • Testing a number of circuit board pathway designs is an important part of the development of almost all electronic devices.
  • Headphones, whether they are the smallest kinds that fit in your ear or the larger over the ear styles, rely on circuit board technology.
  • Estimates indicate that problems caused by printing technique account for 70% of surface assembly quality issues, excluding board design flaws.

  • Key fobs are a modern convenience that many of us take for granted, but they would not be possible without the technology of circuit boards.
  • Individual cup coffe makers, and coffee makers of all kinds for that matter.
  • Technology that runs a digital camera relies on some of the smallest and most detailed circuit boards.
  • Computers that run the banking system, compute and create our work documents, and allow people to check out books at a library all rely on circuit boards.
  • Heating elements that are used in a variety of cooking utensils also rely on circuit boards.
  • Even things as large as airplanes rely on the technology that is provided by circuit boards.
  • Not a single competitor finishes a race that is not tracked by an electronic timer that relies on circuit boards.

  • Ssigns that require any kind of analog or digital time technology, the
  • Inside the ears of anyone who wears a hearing aid is a hearing aid that uses technology provided by circuit boards.
  • Nnot even a simple piece of toast for breakfast in the morning could be made without a circuit board.
  • Key fobs are obviously not the only thing in a vehicle that relies on a circuit board. Speedometers, airbags, power locks, and windows are just a few of the other items in a car that use circuit boards.

Whether you are hoping to learn the basics of low volume PCB boards or are wanting to have a more extensive introduction, understanding the purpose of circuit boards will help you understand the gadgets and gizmos that define our everyday life.

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