Are You Concerned About Compliance Issues? Contact an IT Consulting Service for a Security Audit

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Have you been searching for IT consulting services to assist you with IT compliance and/or related issues?As you’re likely aware, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and other organizations concerned with compliance issues have all issued mandates. These mandates are in place in order to ensure that businesses protect, track, and control access to sensitive information.

In 2012 alone, a survey showed that roughly 87% of small businesses experienced some type of security breach. When compliance breaches occur, this is usually accompanied by a significant fine. When a breach occurs with less than 500 records, for example, HIPPA may fine a business $50,000. It’s important to note that weak administrative passwords often lead to these breaches. Recent data shows that this has been the case with 80% of all breaches that have occurred.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most malicious attacks arise from inside an organization rather than from an external threat. This has proven to be the case with between 75% and 80% of all malicious attacks. As a result, one of the most effective strategies to deal with this is to hire ethical hacking services in order to thoroughly evaluate a company or organizations infrastructure. These ethical hacking services will conduct security audits and penetration testing in order to determine and potentially eliminate the source of these attacks.

Over the past few years, 57% of small businesses have reported that they experienced staff-related cyber breaches. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s vital to monitor new hires as well as existing employees. It’s also been revealed that when employees quit or are fired, 59% of these individuals will steal proprietary corporate data. It’s also well-known that the federal government has suffered a large number of cyber security breaches. In the past six years, for instance, this branch of the government has experienced an increase in breaches of approximately 680%.

In order to safeguard your company’s important data, as well as to ensure that you are in compliance with the relevant mandates, working with IT consulting services is strongly recommended. Managed IT support services can monitor and provide other types of tech support on a 24-7 basis as well. Given that 97% of the 60 billion emails that are sent out on a daily basis are spam, and nine out of every 1,000 computers are infected with this spam, managed IT support services can also provide vital services in this regard.

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