A Next Generation Network Can Help You Protect Your Company’s Data

Network intrusion detection software

There are six types of basic enterprise firewalls including embedded, software based, enterprise hardware, SOHO software, SOHO hardware, as well as specialty options and fortunately, a next generation network can help you utilize the one that is best suited for your company to keep out intrusions. While there are a lot of corporate threats to data, one of the biggest comes from insiders who already have privilege to access such information, but a next generation network can provide extra security measures to discourage incidental or prevent accidental problems from occurring. A proper intrusion detection system will do well to pick up on both inside and outside threats so that your IT team has the chance to respond accordingly.

The US Government Accountability Office states that the amount of security breaches rose by more than two thousand cases from 2010 to 2011 and this makes having a next generation network more important today than it was in years past. Your company cannot afford to go on without a next gen network security measure put in place if it does not want sensitive data in the hands of competitors or the media and the easiest way is with an intrusion prevention system. With proper network security platforms in place, you will be able to have a much better way to ensure that your company’s most precious information is being kept where it is supposed to. Furthermore, you can feel safe knowing that action will be taken immediately when an issue arises.

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