A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon – health-SPLASH

Many bone injuries and problems can be addressed by surgeons. A surgeon in orthopedics is able to examine athletes who have sustained an injury. They’re the experts when it comes to treating athletic injuries, breaks and the like.

These specialists often work closely with physical therapists , as well as other doctors as part of a patient’s treatment team.

The surgeon has a long day of surgery for patients and diagnostics, as well as record-keeping consultation, and much more. The video will take viewers behind the scenes of the work of be a surgeon.

The medical professional in this video is a resident . He shares an entire day with the viewer to give viewers an insight into the kind of shift that a 24-hour one looks like. The MedSchool Insiders video is engaging it will allow you to appreciate the work involved in residency. Watch the video to see insiders’ views of a typical day for this specialist.


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