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Logos can be found everywhere. Many logos were created to convey something more than just a mere meaning. A lot of logos carry meanings that you haven’t noticed. Hyundai is the most obvious. Most people think that it’s only an ‘h’ however there are actually two people who are shaking hands. A different famous example is Apple. The idea was derived from the contents of an apple. Taking a bite out of an apple and noticing that it sounded exactly like the sound of a single byte. Therefore it became a phenomenon. Next is Amazon. It’s not really anything amazing at first. This is actually a smile due to the orange arrow. It’s the line between A to Z suggesting that they are able to sell anything that you can imagine. Toyota was once a manufacturer of weaving machines. The various parts of the emblem spell out Toyota. Continental is the next. The logo represents the place where the first two letters form a wheel for a car. Formula one follows. Red stripes signify the top speeds that Formula One car. If you are paying attention, they will be obvious. If you are looking to learn more about this continue watching this video. xpx9rizg6h.

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