3 Kinds of Printed Ads That Really Work

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As any business will tell you, advertising is extremely important. If you are thinking about starting a business of your own, you’re probably starting to strategize a business plan, and in turn, a marketing and advertising plan. And furthermore, it’s likely that you’re marketing plan is entirely digital and that any forms of printed advertising are at this point obsolete. However, if this is your strategy, you could not be more wrong. In fact, a current survey revealed that 76% of small businesses said that their marketing tactics utilized both digital and printed communications.
While online marketing is certainly lucrative and viable, limiting yourself to only one outlet is extremely limiting and will make your business miss out on several different kinds of audiences who don’t use the internet. Here are a few means of printed marketing that are extremely effective:

Direct Mail
Before email marketing, there was direct mail marketing. Sure, snail mail isn’t instantaneous, but it’s just as effective for getting through to older generations who may not interact with the internet in the same way that younger generations do. Brochures and flyers help to make your audience aware that your business exists. Additionally, it helps to inform potential customers of your services, hours, location, and any special promotions or sales you may be offering.

Business Cards
Business cards still matter. In fact ,they are not only just a means of contact: they are a way to express yourself and your business in a clever and concise manner. People keep business cards for future reference and a lot of restaurants will even feature your business cards in promotional drawings.

Signs and banner printings are not only less expensive than other printing services ads, but are also less expensive that TV ads and airing ads on the radio. Large format printing is one of the most effecive marketing strategies available. In many ways, it’s an investment that continues to pay for itself. No matter where your banner printing is, new and potential customers will be able to see it and infinitesimal amount of times.

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