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Content Writing How to Increase Web Conversions

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Content creation is a key aspect of increasing website visitors. Whether you work for an SEO service company or write your own content, it’s important to understand what SEO tools can be used to increase website visits and keyword rankings. The article is going to take a look at some of the ways you can improve SEO content writing.

One of the many effective SEO tips is to include a keyword in the content title. While witty, catchy titles are effective, titles that include keywords immensely benefit website traffic. Search engines often give heavier weight to the t

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Is Your Business Ready for Mobile? Get Ready with Professional Web Design Services

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According to Business Insider, the smartphone market will grow by 45% this year, resulting in 1.4 billion smartphone users by the end of the year. Subsequently, mobile internet usage is expected to grow by 66% this year, and continue on that way for the next five. As statistics from Marketing Charts show, over a third, 34%, of American smartphone users are using their favorite device to shop online, or to do research about a product they plan to buy locally. All in all, mobile users will play a huge role in generating the $1.2 trillion eMarketer expects eCommerce to generate this year.

For every business, being able to implement smart website marketing strategies is the key to accessing the gro

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