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We spend so much time on the internet nowadays that we forget how much effort and time it took to grow the net to the size that it is today. Even within the late nineties itself, the internet was something of a novelty, a toy for the curious or the bored. This humble writer easily remembers a time when the only fun thing to do on the internet was look up if certain companies had websites that you could go on. The usb cables and the zipcord fiber optic cable and the surge protectors and the cat5e network cables were all far in the future. All we had was the strange buzzing sound of dial up leading us into a place of dingy light and strange rotating text files. It was a different time. A more mysterious time, to b

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How Many Lives Have Been Saved by Cell Phone Technology? The Total Will Surprise You

Bulk plenum zipcord fiber optic cable

Way back in 1983, the first mobile phones were offered to the public for sale. They weighed more than two pounds, cost $4,000, and was more than nine inches long. It had about twenty minutes of battery life, and when the phone went dead, it took more than 10 hours to recharge. Obviously, things have changed significantly since then, and more than 9 trillion text messages were sent just last year.
What is fun about having a cell phone — android or smart phone are two of the leading types of mobile phones around the world — is that, well, you can take it just about anywhere. This may seem like, totally obvious to Millennial consumers who grew up with cell phone technology at their fingertips, but older Americans have watched cell phone technology save thousands of lives since its int

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